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'Lepke' - formable furniture
material: oiled beech wood
design: David Szabo
The „lepke” is such an exciting lowtable its shape is formable and adjustable.
The furniture is made of wooden slats, witch are rotateable at the edges of the board. We can turn the "legs" by one movement, so we create its characteristic form and give a unique design. Also choice the rate of turning so adjutst its hights. The structure is flat mounted...

...How it works?...
At first put the table on the flat foor.
Grab the last peces lath of the table 4 corner and turn them.(other laths moving with them automatically) During this operation tightening the screws (not hard)
Adjust the table to the required hight and tightening the screws strongly.
length: 160 cm
width: 90 cm
height: 0 - upto 30 cm
Lepke - natural (oiled beech wood - natural)
Lepke - 2face (painted, surface-treated beech wood - colored - natural)
Lepke - dark side (painted, surface-treated beech wood - black)


The 'Lepke' is a unique hungarian furniture brand.The name means butterfly in Hungarian. The furniture is inspired by the phenomenon of butterfly metamorphosis...The furniture is also transformable and designable by the users. 'We' can 'create' a shaped coffe table by our hands in a easy way from the simple wood elements. We can also decide the characterisctic of the object so we can be a designer within certain limits...


USER INVOLVING DESIGN - The brand like to create an active phisical and mental connection between the users and their object. ...get more experiences, get closer to the creative process...
Design: Dávid Szabó
tel.: +36 70 520 47 48, +36 30 696 44 72
e-mail: info@lepkedesign.com
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